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[알바니아] 저지(Gjergji) 선교사님 편지

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  • Sep 23, 2015
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Dear Praying Friends

Pray also for (us), that whenever (we) open (our) mouths,
words may be given (us) so that (we) will fearlessly make known
the mystery of the gospel.  Eph 6:19

Thank you for your continued support in prayer and finance. We are coming to the end of a long hot (38 degrees normal) summer and we’re waiting expectantly for the LORD to direct, teach and counsel us in the way we should go.  (Ps 32:8)

The highlight of the summer was the Summer Bible School. 24 Koreans came and over three sessions at the beginning of July, sowed gospel seeds amongst the children and other listeners.
  • Thank the LORD for their servant hearts and their example
  • Please pray that the seeds would come to fruition and bear fruit one day soon.
On the 6th of July , 7 people were baptized in the local river. Buqe (one of the ladies), four teenage lads and Naomi and Tilly.  Since that time sadly we’ve seen very little of them. The daily agricultural work in the village takes its toll in the heat.
  • Please pray that as the academic year starts again and things resume to another pattern of living, that Gjergji and I will rise up and know how to disciple them.
In May, I went to a ‘Yippee’ Seminar, a Finnish Christian songs for children, translated into lots of languages. Over the summer I’ve been teaching some of the songs to the children that come to the children’s meeting.  The idea is that different children’s choirs come together, creating a big choir, then the big choir will go to a place and evangelise. This excites me!  But I can see it’ll be lots of work.

Please pray that if it is from the LORD, other people would come and that we’d be able to work together.

After much prayer over a number of years – a unity between our church and two others in Berat, is forming. We’ve started having a meal together once a month in our homes and the Lord is at work because of our unity.
  • Please pray as we continue to seek the LORD as to how we can serve Him better together.
  • Pastor Klodi has asked me to help with his church’s children’s meetings.  I’m awaiting a briefing from the church so I know what they want me to do, before I begin.
Pastor Tani Rista, from Berat, has been helping us with the legal documents to register the church. We’re hoping that within a few weeks this should be finished.
  • Please thank the LORD for Tani’s help
  • Please pray that as we enter this new phase of ‘being official’ that the church (as a foundation) would play an important role of giving hope to the people of Morave.
Dawlish Christian Fellowship are sending a team of 6, from the 29th Sept – 4th Oct.  Their mandate is to envisage and encourage the church.  It is certainly a pressing need.
  • Please thank the LORD that DCF have answered the call and are coming.
  • Please pray that apathy amongst church folk, would turn into a passion as they hear and answer the call.
Naomi and Tilly have spent two months with Grandma and Grandad ‘England.’  They return on the 9th September with Mark Styants, Pastor at Bovey Tracey Baptist.  Mark is coming to get a feel for what we’re involved with. On Monday the 14th the twins will start school at a private school in Berat.
  • Please pray for them as they come to terms with being in Albania again and changing schools.
The Ladies Meeting over the summer has had a break – but I’ve not seen the ladies at all.  I think we’ve all been busy in our own homes, but it’s still a concern.
  • Please pray that we’d resume as soon as school starts.
I’ve enjoyed reading and being challenged by Richard Webster’s book, ‘Tearing Down Strongholds.’  It has challenged me to pray more fervently and specifically as I realize once again that it is His work.

Thank you for taking time to pray over these joys and concerns.

Continuing on for Him.

Gjergji, Esther, Naomi, Tilly and Lidia.
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