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[알바니아] 게니스(Genis) 선교사님 편지

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  • Feb 14, 2011
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Dear Pastor Chang and Vienna Korean Church!


Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


I trust that everything is going well with you, your family, and the church.


God has answered one of the prayers that I shared with you in a clear way now. For at least 6 months starting from March 27 up to October I will be overseeing the work of the Lord in another established church and in a church plant also. The council of that church accepted me unanimously, which means that with the recommendation of their pastor and the council also the church will welcome me to serve them for this period of time may be more up to March 2012 until God provides them with a new pastor. Their pastor strongly believes that God has called him to go out of Albania and plant another church among Albanians. As you could understand there are three major responsibilities to hold in this time and I need a lot of grace upon grace from the Lord to do well His ministry.


Also we have the confirmation from the pastor in Sarajevo for the missionary trip. It is going to be from August 10-August 17, if it is His will for us to go there. We are getting ready for this trip with brothers and sisters from the mother church.


I will let you know about the recent developments in our church plant.

First, thank you a lot for praying for Memi. She has been coming to the church and exposed to the Word of the Lord. We trust the Lord that she is saved now. However the time will tell. Unfortunately Enea is not coming in the meetings yet. However we are praying for him. Sheri and another sister are faithfully teaching the girls there- “Praise God”, for them. There is a group of 4-5 boys (11-12 years old) also that is coming on Fridays and I am teaching them through the gospel of Mark. One of them seems more interested than the others. His name is Dean and is with a Bektashi background. In addition we are organizing several evangelistic activities now with retired people, girls with moms and girls, and with students.


God has put in my heart to start an evangelistic ministry with the retired people.

So three times a week from February 15- July 15 2011 we will open the place we gather so that the retired men of our area will come for several hours in the morning, have tea and play dominoes or chess and hear the good news of the Lord Jesus.

Secondly, the leaders of the girls meeting are organizing very soon two evangelistic meetings with the girls only and the second one with moms and girls on March 8th. In fact March 8 is a special day for moms and the sisters all over Albania and we want to use it for evangelism.


Finally, I will organize an evangelistic meeting for the university students (primary) of our area in three weeks in a raw, February 25th, March 4th, and March 11th. On March 13 we are going to have an evangelistic special program in which we will invite all the students to hear the gospel of our Lord clearly.


In addition I will share personal news with you. I am knowing a very godly girl recently and I would appreciate your prayers about God’s will for us.  


As you see brother God has put many things ahead of us now and we need grace upon grace from the Lord to accomplish all of these things. Especially we need to be filled with the Holy Spirit and see Him move among us.


I would appreciate your prayers for this time:


1. Please pray that we will honor the Lord in this time in whatever we do, think and say.

2. Please pray that we will be filled with the Holy Spirit and totally depended upon the Lord Jesus as we do all these ministries.

3. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will be working in the hearts and the lives of the nonbelievers to convince them for their sin.

4. Please pray that the Lord will give us the blessings we need to accomplish well every of these ministries.


Thanks a lot brother for your continual support.


Psalm 8: 3, 4


Blessings in abundance, Genis

  • Thank you for your letter.  We, the viennachurch, pray for you everyday.

    Our Lord bless you. 

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