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[그리스] 야나 선교사님 편지

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  • Apr 01, 2014
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Hello Pastor Chang and all your family!

Here is our news from Greece. Last year gypsy church has been started in Katerini. It’s a new spiritual baby and takes a lot of care and work there. Mr. Kim and Mrs. Sook Hee do a great job there with adults and worship team and also connecting them with local churches. It is a good example for me to see pure love for people and wisdom in building new churches, not to look for personal advantages but to think what is God’s plan for these people and how it works better for them. I am blessed and honored to be a team together with these precious and humble servants of God.

We miss a lot Korean girls who were here for quite a long time. They were real blessings for us. It was very inspiring to see their love, passion, devotion and diligence to the Lord and in the work they were doing.

Spring came here. It feels refreshing and nice. Winter during crises not an easy time, you need wood for heating warm clothes, shoes, you get cold and need medicine and so on… During spring and summer everything looks brighter and easier. The same with God’s light. When it comes in the darkness everything changes. It transforms our lives, bring meaning to it, warms our hearts and reflecting His light we become more like Him.

Here is my weekly schedule: Once a week I am going to Katerini during the week and do a program with children. It helps to get to know them better and to have more quality time. I think it is very important to build personal relationship with children to know their names and have time just talking to them and hear their stories. We do dance and acting class and try to give them some bible message as much as they are able to receive it. Things are quite wild there and music, dance, art are good tools in this conditions. That’s the language they understand and helps to communicate with them and bring the message to them in creative and visual ways.

 On Sundays we have Sunday school, there are about 40-50 children and we plan to separate them into 2 groups at least and have gypsy women helping with the younger children. There are other teachers who come and help with children and we have a good team. There are many things which need to be done and it takes time. We do what we can with love and joy, sowing the seeds, watering them and believe God for the fruits.  

During a week I also go on Saturdays to the Airport Gypsy camp and do art program with children there 10 to 2. I do dance class with younger girls ages 4-7 and then with older children we have acting class, learning some sketches, worship dance, English class (children asked us to do it with them), and have good fellowship. Now we are preparing an Eastern sketch and children are very exciting.  We also take them out to the parks or to the sea and have some fun time together. We are very proud to see progress in their lives. It gives me courage when we go to Katerini and I see those children how wild they are, then I remember that the children from the Airport were the same wild but now they are so changed. Praise to God, he is able to change everyone.

Also once a week I go and visit some Albania-Gypsy families. We have bible class, help children with homework, do crafts and try to encourage them and their parents with God’s love, prayers and fellowship.  

Thank you so much for your financial support and prayers for us in this work. Without it, it would be impossible for us to do it.

God bless you for your love and support.

With love Yana Sotiriou.

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