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[그리스] 야나 선교사님 편지

  • Griechenland
  • Dec 27, 2012
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Dear Pastor Chang and all your church family!


Greetings from Greece!


Summer time is over. It is good and at the same time a little bit difficult time. Your mind stops working at 40 'C. You can hardly do anything. The good things for gypsy’s during summer are: no need for hitting, easy to wash their kids and themselves, just swim in the sea, less money spend for the food, many fruits, not much clothes is needed. But at the same time less jobs during the summer, since majority of the people go for vocations.


School has started. Praise God some kids keep going to the schools. Even from this year kids ages 5 are going to preparational classes to Public kindergartens.


Government helps in this matter, sending school bus, taking children for injections, checking their health. Thanks for all prayers! God brings help from everywhere.


There are still quite many kids who doesn't go to school for different reasons and the younger ages 3-5 are at homes. When we come during the week in the mornings we do preschool program with the kids these ages and older 4-6 years old (whom parents doesn't send to kindergarten).


There are many teenagers girls came back after summer time. So, it seems we will do some classes with them as well. We try to find some local girls to get involved helping with kids. But they don't show much desire. Please, pray that God would raise some local gypsy girls, women who have a heart raising their children.


Hopefully soon a new building will be done and place where we have church meetings will be used for children's church and other activities. We will try to do it beautiful, colorful. To be a place where children can enjoy the time. I believe it affects the psychology of a man. God made everything beautiful. For those kids leaving in such an ugly place it is important, I think, to create a desire for beauty internal and external. Art, music helps to develop it. Seeing nice things inspires you to do creative and wonderful things.


Sook Hee, Kim, Rebeka, Johnatan were going and visiting Albanian gypsy families for quite a long time, building relationships with them, sharing the Gospel, praying, helping practically to families who need food, clothes. I started going with them and help with children. It is good to have a team and do things together.


There are was first Roma conference a month ago. Some families from the airport went there. It was a very good experience for them to see new people, gypsies from other countries worshiping God, being passionate for Jesus. I can tell that this week when we had a worship they were different and I think inspired to do more things themselves. We came late this Sunday but they were in the church sitting and praying all together. They said: “We saw that you were late and decided to do the church meeting ourselves if you wouldn't come”. I was very glad to see them taking initiative and moving forward.


Even the kids who were at the conference and saw the things we were doing there, wanted to learn more. It opens their minds to see what God is doing in lives of different people. He is much bigger and greater then you can imagine


He takes us from glory to glory. We expect new thing happening among gypsies, new people coming to God, experiencing His love and power, becoming His disciples, devoted and passionate for Him.


Thank you for you prayers, love and support.


God bless you hundred times more with heavenly provision for all your needs.


Yours in Christ Yana Sotiriou.

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