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  • Griechenland
  • Jun 12, 2012
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Hello, dear Pastor Chang and all your church family!

Often I think, God how incredible you are! I couldn't imagine that I will be a team with Korean people working together in Greece at Gypsy camp and being supported by Korean church from Austria.

I am really thankful to God for bringing people in my life and each one plays his part in Heavenly plans and in His Kingdom. I thank God for Pastor Kim and Sook Hee and young people who come and help here. They are hard and faithful workers with a humble hearts and we learn from them. May God bless you for being faithful and devoted to His mission and sending and supporting workers. It is very much appreciated.

Last months many things has been changed. Good news: majority of the children are still going to the public schools. Some of them have learn to read. We are so proud to see them reading and coming home with a school bus, carrying their bags and being able to read and sing songs and bible at the church. We try to help them with home works, to read with them, since their parents are not able to do it. It still need more work, time and efforts for us to improve our work in this area and being able to spend more time separately with each child, pastoring them and supporting them where ever we can.

We have some progress in discipline with children. They became more obedient, they do great job during the class, helping and participating. Some of them are such a hard workers. You should of see them how they are cleaning tables, class, sweeping the floor, cutting the grass. They are learning to keep the class clean. We decorate it, making look nice and we can even leave some stuff in there without being stolen. Alleluia!!! Kids also learn to take care of themselves and be clean. Going to school helps a lot. Some kids and their parents asked for toothbrushes. We got some new tooth brushes and are going teach how to use it.

We have a great worship and services on Sundays. Korean team do a great job together with a couple from Greek church. They sing Greek songs like they are almost Greek. We also use children 's worship songs in Greek recorded by Korean. Amazing what God can do with a people who have a heart to love and serve. He qualifies us to do things we were may be not qualified to do in the eyes of man and gives a success when we devote it to Him.

Not long ago there were was a big fight among gypsies and some of Christian families had to leave out of the camp. First it was quite difficult not to have them close. But God opened the hearts of other people and made us reach them. We can see new people coming to the church and being open to the things of God. Some of them were healed and God softened their hearts to hear His message and receiving us as His people. His Kingdom is not in the words but in manifested power. We preach His word and He confirms it with signs and wonders. There are also some kids being healed by God and we all pray together for the seek and lie hands upon them. I am so blessed to be there! The amazing thing is that God place such a love for these people that I feel that we are family and we can spend hours talking, praying, eating, spending time together. As it is said:If I give all I posses to the poor and surrender my body to the flames, but have no love, I gain nothing. It is so wonderful to be filled with His love and do things out of love and not because you have to do it. God's love is really His greatest gift. It is understood by everyone even if they don't speak the language and it conquers souls and His goodness bring people to repentance.

That's what we keep doing and learning how to do it better. We love God, got filled with His love and share it with others in different practical way according to their needs: being friends, being patient, rejoice with those who rejoice and cry and share the burdens with whose who are in need. That's the heart of what we are doing, the roots which keep us fresh and fruitful.

Thank you for all your prayers and supporting us in this work. May God reachly bless you and His abundance may flow in every area of you life, bringing fruits in every good work.

Yana Sotiriou


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