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  • Griechenland
  • Nov 25, 2011
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 Dear Pastor Chang and Vienna Korean Church


I want to thank you and your church for your financial support. I appreciate it and thank God for you. I pray He supply all of your needs and bless you and your church with His abundance in every area of your life.


I will share with you some of our news. There are always pleasant and exciting news, when you see progress and fruits in what you are doing and there are some challenges and difficulties we are facing on the way. They are also part of our life and make us stronger, teach us to be patient and trust God. Praise God that He works everything for good for those who love Him.


Things are constantly changing at the Gypsy camp. It feels like for many years seeds have been falling, many prayers and work of those who went before us and now things start happening faster and faster and we can see and enjoy fruits of what have been done before.


This year, 5 Public schools of the area made a big step and took gypsy kids to the schools. They even provided a school bus which takes and brings children home. God answers the prayers and it is so great that children started going to the school! There are some problems appearing on the way but they all can be solve by the power and wisdom of God. We have met with some of the directors of the school to learn how the things are going there. The problem they are facing is that they have to have all gypsy kids in separate classes before they will be able to be together with other children. The reason for it is that the children are totally unprepared for the school. Though they are 6-11 years old, the level of their skills and knowledge are on the level of the kids from kindergarten.


In order to improve and help solving this problem in the future, we have started meeting with younger kids ages of 3- 6 years old. We do it in the mornings when older children are at school. It goes very well. There are about 10-15 children coming to the class and we have a lot of fun. Our goal is to prepare the children for the school, to teach them basic things and just show them God's love and care for them.


Some other day in the afternoon we have classes with older children. First, they come and play some table games, make pazls, do some crafts. This hour we want to be a quit time when they can do some creative things, enjoy it and calm down. It helps also to gather them and prepare for the next hour of worship time and bible story.


We also do some dance with them. They really like it. The problem we face in all this activities is facility problems, no electricity and light. We do what we can in this conditions and with what we have for now.


There are also some children who are  aggressive, abused and need personal ministry. We meet with them separetly and talk, pray and try to help them to be healed and set free from bondages. Personal time is very important for those children. We pray to be led by Holy Spirit to the individuals according to the needs and His plans.


Every Sunday there is a Gypsy Church. Majority of the kids are all there. Worship is their favorite time and it is good when they can see a team of adult people coming together, praying together and see God's love among us.


Children are changing may be not so fast as we wish, but we have built relationship with them, became friends and they are on the way. We are planting the seeds and God will bring the fruits and has a great plans for them. Our prayer is to be His voice, His hands, His heart for those people and bring Heaven on Earth.


 Yana Sotiriou.                                   

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