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[그리스] 야나 선교사님 편지

  • Griechenland
  • Sep 30, 2015
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Dear Pastor Chang and your church family!

I hope you are doing well. Thank you very much for supporting me in work with Roma people. I wοud like to share our news from the last 3 months.

During summer we had some special activities for the children in Katerini. There were a team from Korea who was doing some program with children and we were helping them. It is always good to have team of people, who have desire to serve and share their love, faith with others. Extra hands to hug and help others are always precious and very welcome. Children had a great time, fresh breath from new people! Unfortunatly, there are not many people who have a heart and desire to help Roma people and we appreciate every help and visitors.  

Also, for a week we had a special time with children ourselves. We were doing different things together: fellowship time, bible class, art class, decorating and putting things in order in our classrooms. Then last day we went out with some older girls, took them to the park for an icecream. This things for us is so normal but for them it was something very special. To go out from their ussual life (which is very ofter miserable), and facing other people and other reallity. It brings out their unsecurities and they feel very shy at the beginning, but at the same time there is an opportunity to learn how to be more social and secure in who they are in God. After that day older girls asked me to teach them good manners, they said “we don’t want other people to run away when they see us, teach how to be polite”.

So, now we spend some time during the class teaching children basic social skills. How to treat others, to respect each others, share things together, be polite an watch our words, keep ourself clean in our hearts, bodies and classroom as well. We do it in a fun way with sketches and them playing different roles. It has a good results and they are becoming more sweet and polite kids.    

This year we plan to do some activities in the local church of Katerini for the children and women. We think this is a good way for them to connect with new people from the church, to grow spiritualy and bring them closer to the local christian. Also, we hope that new people from local church will participate in this work.   

 As you know the situation with refuges in Greece and not only here, is quite difficult. Pastor Sookil Kim and Sook Hee Jho do a great job helping those people and involving gypsy people to help too. When they see the sorrow and difficulties of these people it makes them to realize, that even their life might be not so easy but they can be thankful for what they have.

New school year has started, new season. We pray for new victories, new breakthroughs and unity among gypsy people, to come closer to God, realizing His heavenly plans for them.

I thank you again for your support. May God multiply your seeds an fruits for His glory!

With love Yana Sotiriou.   



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