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  • Mazedonien
  • Nov 17, 2010
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Hello dear friends!
We have already started  our meetings with students each week.  At each meeting we have developed various topics to be discussed through small groups. There were students who come every week, but it has been difficult for girls to come to these meetings.
Every day I'm meeting  with different girls, having coffees and also having very good social conversation. But when we open up spiritual conversations  they are very closed,  they do listen but do not take it personally what they hear. And through these difficult times where I see no spiritual interest  from the the girls, there are  some things that have happened that  give I hope that God is working in their hearts.

Hasie  is  a student in the 3rd year  of the Law Faculty in Tetovo.  I've known  her  about 3 years  ago, since  she was in the first year,  she  has heard the gospel many times, have  been in various activities with us.  Last time she was at meeting  she got some material because  she wants to read them.The materials show clearly the gospel.  My prayer is that through reading  she will understand her need for God in her life and will understand the gospel.

Liridona is in the 3rd year in faculty.   She is having many dreams  and she has started reading different books but from a Muslim perspective. I've told her  to read the Bible so she can understand more herself  than to read thoughts of others. I pray that she  will read the Bible and will be  brave to ask directly and that  she will be ready to discuss  things that  she do not understand.

We will have a conference with students in Rugova of Kosovo.  The topics will be: “Born slaves or free” There will be students from the movement of Kosovo and  Albanian students from Macedonia. We have invited many students, students who we  know, but we have also invited students from the first year. The conference will be evangelistic. We will have about 20 students-boys &girls from Macedonia. Please, pray that God will make their hearts ready to hear the gospel and that they will begin to think personally about their spiritual life.

-Prayer request

-That I can be faithful every day in prayer and reading the Bible, To be useful tool in His hands Please, also pray that the we  will give glory to God in everything we do and organize during this weekend with our students,  and also the personal and group conversations will be guided by God and His wisdom. Effective Study Workshop went very well, please pray that we will be able to do it in the Albanian universities in December,  that  we will be allowed  to develop it in  the college and that God will use  it, so we will be able to know other students through this.
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  • I remember that God makes all things to do good!
    Praise our Lord! Only His name will be praised!!
    I pray for all things you gave us. God bless you!

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