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[알바니아] 네르틸라 (Nertila)선교사님 편지

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  • Nov 13, 2019
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My name is Nertila and I was born in a small muslim village in Pogradec where I lived for 18 years. My family consists of parents, 2 sisters and a brother younger than me. Because Dad was diagnosed with a disease called "advanced migraines" and he had many lifestyle restrictions as a first child 

I had to take a lot of responsibilities in life. I worked as an adult, took care of my sisters and brother as a second mother because mom herself had her own limits. 


God has been gracious and walked alongside us even though  often it didn't looked like that. People hated us for no reason and tried to hurt us but again the Lord in his faithfulness has protected and provided for us. 

My brother is one of the miracles God brought into our lives when there was no hope of having a brother. Just when he was 3 I left to live in Tirana for university studies. The economic opportunities were very limited so I started working and studying at the same time. But it was in 2003 at the first day of college, when I was introduced to the Gospel, and after three months, I accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior in my life. 

I longed to go to a Church but I was very shy and could not go alone. After 1 year my roommate had gone to the Church of Hope twice and when she would talk about it, something moved in my heart and I asked her to go  with me once. And so it was in 2004 I went and I knew I belonged to that place. In there I learned the first steps of the faith, learned how to serve and led me to know Christ more and how to depend on him and not on people.


Throughout the years I have tried various ministries from ministry with children, youth, small groups, administration, services etc. At first my heart was very much on a mission field and I prayed for North Korea for many years. Then my life got worse and along the way that passion became lukewarm. 

Five years ago the Pastor sent me to DTS where it was a life-changing experience for me. I was exposed to many things in the mission field that I had never seen before. And there was a time where I had to depend entirely on God even though I was between sisters and brothers. 


After that an American couple came to Tirana with  mission and i started translating for them. Working with them had both positive and negative sides. First I had to leave the Church I used to go and it was painful for me and the second God was inviting me to a different journey and it seemed scary. The positive side was that God showed me how broken we are as humans, how much we need Him every day of our lives, freed me from some fears that kept me in bondage, the gospel became very real to me. 

The verse of my heart is "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord" ... and after 3 years of disconnection  the Lord returned me again to the Church where I used to go with another challenge, to love like Christ, to walk in confidence and being part of the Gyrokinesis course that the pastor’s wife is leading. Through physical exercises and persistence to complete a session I have understood how my prayer life should be. 

This past year had been very challenging for me, I have lost loved ones, broken relationships, so-called sisters or brothers have attacked me, 3 months ago I lost my job because they had no enough support for themselves  and lastly my health is getting worse. 


Prayer requests

 * Pray that i will walk according to the will of God and the call He has for me (if it is time to get into the mission field then God will prepare me) 

* Pray that God will provide a job for me as soon as posdible because I live without family and  i pay rent. 

* Pray for the regeneration and healing of some lost relationships 

* Pray for my health.


God bless you! 


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