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[알바니아] 엘톤 (Elton) 선교사님 편지

  • Albanien
  • Aug 03, 2014
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ear Rev. Chang(Vienna Korean Church)
Greeting from Albania!

While we are getting ready to celebrate Easter, we have been reflecting on what Jesus did on the cross. We are very grateful for this passage from death to life, from darkness to light. Moreover, God has deemed us worthy to be His ambassadors in Albania and Kosovo. We have also reflected on what God has done in us and through us. Now that the first trimester of 2014 has passed, we want to celebrate together with you for people who have come to faith and have taken steps to obey the Word of God. We will also tell you about Jona, who has accepted Christ, and about some men who very clearly have made their relationship with God a priority and are serving in different ways. God has heard your prayers and has worked in our lives and in the lives of many people, whom God has touched through us.

Jona’s Story
God works beyond our wildest imagination. We want you to get acquainted with Jona. At first, she came on a weekend that we spend together as a church. Influenced by our friendship with one another, by love and care, she began coming to our church in Yzberisht. Jona got involved more in the group of student girls. On Christmas Eve, Jona had an astonishing experience with God. She was at a loss for words, and while she was sharing the experience with us, she said, “I have seen God, a warm light that was coming towards me and asking me to accept Him”. After this experience, Jona put her faith in Jesus as her Lord and Savior. She began attending Bible studies to learn more about the Savior, and is talking to her friends and family about the experience.

Pray for the students who are involved in our meetings. Sometimes, it is difficult for them to come to church or to our special meetings. Pray that they will be faithful to God, despite challenges and difficulties with their school and work.

Women’s ministry is growing, as they have continued to meet regularly to study the Bible and pray together. Because of this, God is helping them to go deeper in their relationships. Olta has challenged them to see opportunities to serve others, and one ofthem, Gerta, has prayed and encouraged Eriola to read the Bible and come to our church. Eriola came from a strong Muslim background. Gerta told me that Eriola has started to read the Bible. Please pray for Eriola that as she reads the Bible, she will come to faith.    

Men’s Story
During the last few months, I have been very happy to talk with the men in the church about the Word of God and its importance in our lives. My prayer and urge has been for this Word to take its rightful place in our hearts, and that we would see lives changed. It’s a very special pleasure that we are regularly worshipping God every Saturday with these men. When our life is run by God and His Word, wonderful things happen, while we try to serve our community and God better.

Miri is a very good example, because as soon as he heard about the need that we had to divide the main room where we hold our main ministry, he put aside an amount of money for this need to be resolved. God is making his and his family’s faith greater. Please, pray that God will attend to the needs of many people in our church, while they live with the faith that God will take care of them.

Dritan for a long time did not attend church ministries, and his spiritual life has been at a very low point. While we have talked about this situation, we have challenged him and his wife to attend a series of videos from Family Life on marriage. It seems that this time has served for Dritan to recommit his life to Christ and has expressed his readiness to help in our ministry, by giving English lessons to youth. The English course is a way to contact the lost, by meeting one of their needs.

Thank you for praying for Fjodor earlier. It’s been nearly a year now since he has become a believer, and I am very astonished every time I meet him about how much he reads the Word of God. He has a lot of questions from the Bible, and while I have helped him to better understand the Scripture, I have been encouraged by what God is doing in his life. It’s wonderful to see how God is growing Fjodor and helping him have stronger convictions about the way he should lead his life.

We are very grateful that through prayer and finances, you have given us the opportunity to be part of God’s plan for these and many other people.We are very blessed and proud that we are serving together in God’s harvests in Albania and Kosovo.


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