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[알바니아] 게니스(Genis) 선교사님 편지

  • Albanien
  • Apr 28, 2011
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Dear Pastor Chang and Vienna Korean Church!


Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


I trust that everything is going well with you, your family, and the family of the family-the local church you shepherd.


Thank you brother for your prayers and continuous support.


“Praise God” we have now two new adult members in our church. They came from another church that stopped existing and was melted to another church. They are young men: one is around 23 and the other 25 years old. They love the Lord and are active in the church. We have started to do many things together.

Thank you so much for praying for the evangelistic activities. They went well. Sheri and Blerta worked hard for the evangelistic meeting with the moms and daughters. The student soccer championship did not occur. They were not interested in this one. The meeting with the retired man continues. They come and use our place. I have not been involved in this meeting recently because of the great demands in other church I am ministering. In the third evangelistic meeting that we held around 10 adults came. We continue to share the good news prayerfully.

Past Saturday we started a soccer championship for the teens and we have around 45-50 boys that attend. The other Saturday is the final day and on Sunday May1 we are sharing the gospel with them at 4: 00 pm.

As we celebrated the Risen Lord in this Easter we are organizing two evangelistic activities. One is for the children and the other one for the adults, 4: 00 pm and 6: 00 respectively.


Please remember us in your prayers for these meetings.


As I am reading in my Q. T different passages from the Gospels remembering the Passion Week, the love of the Lord Jesus for the Father demonstrated in His full obedience has been very encouraging and motivating.

May this love of the Father demonstrated in the sacrificial death of His only Son be a refreshing motivation for you to love Him more and obey as the Son obeyed fully to the Father until His death (1 John 4: 9, 10).


Praise God that our Mighty Savior lives!


Thank you for everything and blessings in abundance in this Easter.


In Christ alone, Genis

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